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Rectal Computer Rectal Computer

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Why do I even watch this shit?

Just kidding. Hilariously random as always, Lobster!

Recent Art Reviews

Deadpool Deadpool

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Dat anatomy, bro. Work on it. Also, your light sources are all over the place.

EpilepticEmus responds:

yeah ive been trying to improve my anatomy recently (you should have seen how I drew muscles only two weeks ago lol), and highlights are something new im trying too. I mainly was just having fun with this piece and trying new things, anyway thanks for the review!

The Mermaid The Mermaid

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The only major qualms I have are her visible hand, which should really be in a different pose, and the lack of a detailed background. Other than those two things, this is a really good piece.

Bree Lineart Bree Lineart

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Your trying is paying off! However, I do find some things that are off. For one, the head is too big, and for two, the legs are too short. Lengthen the thighs and shrink the head. Also, the hands look like they're in awkward positions. Her right hand seems to be floating off of her hip, which believe me from the way I see it would be very painful, or slightly uncomfortable to keep it there. The other hand needs to have more fingers on her thigh. To me, it looks like she's groping the wrong area. The clothes are uneven as well.

However, I do see you trying to make an effort to get away from anime. Kudos to that, since I can relate. I too, am trying to get away from my anime roots, and am trying something a bit more western. So, I will certainly give props for that. Trust me, you will be drawing plenty of awkward poses, after what anime-only art does to you. I mean, I like the style and all, but to a beginning artist, it is crippling. I should know, I drew anime until I decided to get off my ass and actually start studying for once.

Trust me on this, this is not a bad start. In fact, I should probably expect a lot of this. That does not mean you will not improve at all, in fact, failure will eventually lead to success the more you keep trying to solve the problem. Keep at it, and I am certain withing a few months, or possibly a year, you'll be significantly better at drawing poses and things of that nature. Just keep working and working and never give up! Godspeed, my good sir.

quillandpaper responds:

Thank you for the critique. This is a rather old piece and I'm still trying to break out of it. If I'm drawing from life, like have an actual person or object in front of me, realism comes easily, but I often revert back into anime when I'm just messing around. I want to get more of a comic book style, but I feel like I need to break my anime habit and get back into realism before I try that.