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Thanks Guys!

2013-04-10 13:17:45 by KiwiSundae

I am really appreciating the feedback I got on my Sylveon painting! The reviews are absolutely glowing, all considering! Anyway, I appreciate specifically the comments of those who used to bash me a lot, because it shows that not only are THEY seeing something different, and seeing improvement, it tells ME that I am improving as well, and that feels REALLY good to know!

Seriously, Majestic Bob, you have no idea how happy your review made me! Again, thanks guys! I really appreciate it, and hopefully I can build on what I learned from the Sylveon painting!


- KiwiSundae

P.S. I got Persona 4 Arena, and I freakin' LOVE IT!


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2013-04-11 01:02:14

Your welcome? I'm glad it helped. I was only telling the truth. You have a long way to go (Hell I been at this for years and I still suck) but it is really good to see you slowly breaking away from the ill conceived notion that style is everything. I know you like to draw what you want, but trying a different perspective is always a good thing. I think that poke-pic is proof of that.

KiwiSundae responds:

Thank you.


2013-04-11 07:39:55

Sylveon painting huh, will review.