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2013-05-18 17:01:33 by KiwiSundae

Why can I not get so much as a single fucking question answered without someone throwing a fucking bitch fit here? Seriously, just knock it off, alright! Cut me some slack, and answer my damn questions! Jesus! Is it REALLY THAT FUCKING HARD?!!

Whatever. Fuck you guys. You're all just hatin' on me for no reason now. What a fucking shame.


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2013-05-18 17:39:43

you just asked the wrong guy


2013-05-18 17:40:14

that's why


2013-05-18 17:51:59

After reading the thread that was the apparent reason for this news post, I have only this to say:

Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to.

KiwiSundae responds:

I was asking a technical question about SAI. I kinda wanted an answer to that question because I was having issues with the program.


2013-05-21 11:44:55

Why what? Nah, it's really not that fucking hard.