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WHOA!!! 22 fans? In the week I was absent?!! Holy fuck, I had no idea you guys loved me so much!!!

Well...If that's the case...Then...Perhaps if I removed my...Well, you know...

But in all seriousness, I will keep the artwork coming! I was just in a bit of a slouch is all, since family and college have been a real pain in the ass (I love them, but they drive me nuts).

Anyways, thank you!

P.S. I'll draw a comic based on that innuendo I was suggesting...Don't worry...It's "coming".


Anyways, I am drawing lesbos now, so enjoy that (or not).

So, what's new?

In 11 Days...

2012-12-28 22:21:09 by KiwiSundae

Just 11 more days...Until the art of Kiwi-Punch becomes available for all to see...

11 days...until you get to see the massive improvement I have been promising for some time now...

11 more days until my forum ban is up.

11 more days...And all will be REVEALED!!!

Btw, happy New Year.

Downloading SAI

2012-12-08 22:51:16 by KiwiSundae

Gonna give it a try tomorrow, and start working on my newest sketch as well as work on the background in Photoshop.


2012-12-06 11:41:21 by KiwiSundae

Sketch for teh Awesomeness...


I Wish I Had a Scanner

2012-12-05 20:51:41 by KiwiSundae

Seriously...A scanner would solve all of my art problems right off the bat. Well...Most of them anyway. I think my art would be like a thousand times better if I just scan it in and not have to deal with shitty camera angles...

Brand Spankin' NEW!!!

2012-12-04 14:34:37 by KiwiSundae

Hello everyone!

This is KiwiSundae. My username, cleverly inspired by a dessert I once had. I am a thoroughbred cartoonist day in and day out who mixes Eastern influences as well as Western. Art styles I like include the style of Yuji Naka, who worked on Puyo Puyo Fever, Hiroyuki Imaishi, for those who remember (or care) was the director for Panty and Stocking, and a whole host of the other styles. Together, with my mighty (old and in need of dire replacement; forgive me) pen tablet, I work on brightly colored, often super-stylized cartoons, and am interested in working on something called Bubble Princess, whose logo is attached to this post.

Anyways, feedback, votes, ratings, etc. ALWAYS welcome. I thought this would be a good place to start posting artwork, so why the hell not?

Also, I am going to be using SAI for the majority of my work.

Happy Viewing!

- Kiwi Sundae

Because kiwis belong with ice cream, ya dipshits.

Brand Spankin' NEW!!!