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Persona-Style Interface

2013-05-19 09:35:35 by KiwiSundae

This is something I threw together in Photoshop.

Persona-Style Interface


2013-05-18 17:01:33 by KiwiSundae

Why can I not get so much as a single fucking question answered without someone throwing a fucking bitch fit here? Seriously, just knock it off, alright! Cut me some slack, and answer my damn questions! Jesus! Is it REALLY THAT FUCKING HARD?!!

Whatever. Fuck you guys. You're all just hatin' on me for no reason now. What a fucking shame.

Current Phase: Unknown

2013-05-15 19:13:46 by KiwiSundae

I put Aigis on top of a background I sketched and will be painting. Before you ask, this is sort of like "sub-space" where reality does not apply. The name of the realm is the Dreamscape, which takes on the appearances of the sins and feelings of individual who is thrown into the "Other Side". Since Aigis can fly, well, that right there explains why she's at a weird angle.

Current Phase: Unknown

Persona ZERO: Phase One

2013-05-15 00:12:04 by KiwiSundae

Phase One:

Draw and paint a lot of Persona fan art.

Phase Two:

I don't know what Phase Two is.

Current Phase:

Aigis dodging for her life from a demon in the Dreamscape.

Persona ZERO: Phase One

Persona Fan Project

2013-05-09 13:59:48 by KiwiSundae

So, I have been crazily obsessed with Persona lately (from the Shin Megami Tensei series), and since then, I have been thinking of a huge fan project called the "Persona ZERO Project". In other words, it's going to be nothing but Persona-related artwork from here on out. Whatever Persona entry it may be, whether it be two, three or four, I'm drawing characters from it, as well as some of my own characters. So, yeah...I might make another account on DA strictly for this reason, too... The picture below is the FeMC for Persona ZERO. I think it's time we have a single female lead heroine in the series. ATLUS, hire me!

Persona Fan Project

Thanks Guys!

2013-04-10 13:17:45 by KiwiSundae

I am really appreciating the feedback I got on my Sylveon painting! The reviews are absolutely glowing, all considering! Anyway, I appreciate specifically the comments of those who used to bash me a lot, because it shows that not only are THEY seeing something different, and seeing improvement, it tells ME that I am improving as well, and that feels REALLY good to know!

Seriously, Majestic Bob, you have no idea how happy your review made me! Again, thanks guys! I really appreciate it, and hopefully I can build on what I learned from the Sylveon painting!


- KiwiSundae

P.S. I got Persona 4 Arena, and I freakin' LOVE IT!

Here's to Apologies

2013-04-02 01:10:08 by KiwiSundae

As you know me now, I have a shit ton of crap to answer for, given that I have frequently viewed your critiques as an attack on personally. I see now that some of the harsh comments I have received are there to help me fix my attitude first, then my art. Therefore, it was great guilt that I apologize on behalf of everyone whom I have personally attacked. You guys are right in the fact that I have not exactly been treating your fairly, and it is for that reason I am filled with remorse and regret in regards to Newgrounds. I owe you guys a serious apology, and I definitely owe you guys some follow-through with my ideas instead of bouncing around from one thing to the next.

I realize that however harsh you may be, you're only trying to help, and I'm too much of ingrate to realize that.

Thank you, all of you who have tolerated this behavior for so long, and I thank those who appreciate my work and want to see me improve. Feel free to comment at your discretion, but do not expect a reply.

Again, I apologize and I thank you for supporting me, even though I have been a royal pain-in-the-ass.


KiwiSundae (a.k.a. Kiwi-Punch)

I sea what you mean...

2013-03-01 22:55:45 by KiwiSundae

Here's a big wave hello to all my friends and fans here! I'll be here for quite a whale!

Calamity Art WIP

2013-03-01 15:13:56 by KiwiSundae

I have decided to work on the comic's very first page (which will be the cover, essentially). I already have one page's roughs done, and am working on the rest of the first chapter. I will scan the page roughs into a scanner.

Welp, here ya go.

By the way, where's a good place to host a web-comic to get feedback relatively quick?

Calamity Art WIP

Web Comic Project Official!

2013-02-20 23:02:13 by KiwiSundae

Due to the fact that people would like to see Clarice Burnstein in a comic format, I have decided to make her one of the main characters to the following comic.

It's official...It's coming soon. I will launch the instant chapter 1 is finished.

Web Comic Project Official!